Sealing Packer

RIPE Sealing Packers are the perfect aid when you need to provide a seal between a bore’s screen and casing when choosing not to artificially gravel pack. 

RIPE Sealing packers are far superior to the old K-rubber technology which was often secured only with glue or band-it straps and suctioned off during pumping, either when the bore was developed or later when in use.

  • Flared at the top to provide a convenient lead-in
  • Rubber is fully vulcanised to the steel (No glue or bandit straps here!)
  • Precision machined to suit casing diameter
  • Multiple rubber ribs to ensure a good seal is achieved 
  • Weld prep at the bottom for easy connection to the screen riser 

RIPE Sealing Packers come in a wide variety of sizes, with the rubber sealing diameter machined specifically to order.

Telescopic Sealing Packers can also be manufacture upon request for joining borehole casing at transition joints of different diameters when repairing or designing a well. This could be at a weld joint or between different materials such as PVC and Fibre Glass. We can manufacture to all sizes and ensure minimal loss in diameter. So if you have two different diameters that need to be connected down your borehole, give us a call!


RIPE Sealing Packer – Water Bore Construction Download

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