RIPE’s Mainstopper was developed for the water industry to provide a temporary shutdown solution for under pressure water and wastewater mains where it is not possible to turn off flow. The process starts with usually a 65mm under pressure tapping where a gate/ball valve is set at a 45 degree angle on a stainless steel tapping clamp. A RIPE Mainstopper can then be inserted into the live main and inflated with water to a predetermined pressure to seal the pipe, creating a shut off. This process allows for any main between 80mm – 150mm in diameter to be isolated. 


  • Minimises shutdown to small localized length of main
  • When using a bypass facility, no customers will be without water for the duration of the works
  • Access point can be used for other services
  • Backflow contamination is limited, with no discoloration of water supply
  • No loss of fire protection as the mains remain charged 

By isolating only the section that needs repair or routine maintenance, to a localized small area of the network, less houses and commercial properties are inconvenience by not having water. There is also no loss of fire protection as the water mains remain charged. Additionally Backflow contamination and water quality issues are also limited, meaning no discoloration of water supply or re-chlorination required.

Innovative Design and Advanced Manufacturing

  • Kevlar reinforced natural rubber construction
  • 304 grade stainless steel ferrules
  • 745mm Overall Length
  • Available in 45 & 55mm diameters
  • High expansion inflatable packer technology up to 172% from original size
  • Maximum inflation pressure of 350psi (2400kPa) in 150mm pipe
  • Recommended inflation pressure of 300psi (2070 kPa) in 150mm pipe

Alternative sizes and diameters are also available upon request!

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