Grab Packer

Grab Packer’s engineered and manufactured by RIPE are the ultimate downhole inflatable tool customised specifically for your project to maximize productivity and ensure your downhole operations run smoothly. Heavy duty in construction with external, high tensile, grit coated, steel strips running the effective length, RIPE’s Grab Packers are built with a high push-down or pull up capability of up to 45 ton. The Grab Packers two main uses are as a water bore construction tool for installation of well screens and also as a downhole fishing tool to assist when the unfortunate happens and dropped or stuck equipment needs to be retrieved.

Water Bore Construction

When installing a telescopic water well screen it is essential that the screen is released without damage. The commonly used J-Latch method can often leave a driller unsure if the screen has been properly disconnected, accidental lifting can then occur damaging the screen. To ensure a much more reliable installation a RIPE Grab packer can be inflated within the screen riser providing a gentle yet firm gripping action. The screen assembly can then be lifted and lowered down hole into position and if gravel packing, be well supported throughout placement. Gravel packing can also be assisted by having the Grab Packer customised to include an upside landing cone to seat on top of the screen ensuring that gravel does not enter the inside of the screen causing damage. Simply deflate the Grab Packer to disconnect the screen.

Complete the seal between screen and casing when you’re not gravel packing, with our screen Sealing Packers. These can be joined to the screen riser and when the screen is lowered into position provide an instant seal between screen and casing.

When needing to create a seal after the screen is installed and then gravel packed, our Mechanical Slip Over Packer or Inflatable Slip Over Packer is the ideal solution.

Downhole Fishing Extraction

Grab Packers can also function to fish and retrieve dropped or stuck equipment that has fallen downhole. With a fast decent downhole often casing and screen will concertina or spiral wind itself in the well, becoming very tightly lodged. Deployed downhole and inflated within a dropped casing or screen the external strips gently expand to grip the item then extraction can take place. Whether you are fishing for a stuck pump or dropped casing we can customise our Grab Packer to suit the dilemma. 


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